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Back in Business

Once upon a time, I had a pretty successful career blooming. Most of my twenties consisted of working 80+ hours a week, managing an insane workload, flying across the country from event to event, meeting to meeting, and attending the occasional boondoggle every now and then (hello, Sundance, I love you!).  All for the sake of advertising some of the world’s greatest brands.  I’ve racked up plenty o’ sky miles, Starwood points, and sleepless nights at the office for a lifetime.  At the height of it all, I got pregnant. SURPRISE!  

I soaked up a good 4 months of paid maternity leave, and then worked at home for 2 months following that, before I decided to become a full-time SAHM.  I didn’t even know what “SAHM” meant a year ago, however, I’ve since embraced my Stay-At-Home-Mama title and freely use the mama lingo these days.  Watch out.  

There has been no job as rewarding, exhausting or time consuming as my current role of Mom.  I’ve loved every second more than imaginable.  My daughter is a dream…she’s beautiful with the biggest personality a 1-year-old can possibly have. The time I have spent with her over the past year has been priceless, making the decision to quit my career and become a full-time mommy by far the best choice I’ve ever made. 

All that to say…. I’ve just landed my first freelance gig (!!!).  I am over-the-moon excited! Oh, how I’ve missed working!  So here goes my first professional project in the past 7 months.  It just happens to be for a top ad agency in the city on a ridiculously successful global brand.  Don’t bother me over the next few days, I’ll be working…